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I will help you to communicate visually through strategic design.

Over the past few years I have worked with various companies to help them clarify their message and translate it into representative visual experiences, websites or concepts.

I'm Catalina, an independent creative designer specialized in web design.

My experience of over 8 years in the creative industry has given me a strategic approach based on functionality and inventiveness. I have been actively involved for many years in the escape room industry, by creating games narratives and design, and for several years I have been developing interactive concepts for exploring museums through gamification. 

In the last 3 years, starting from my passion for visual storytelling, I have constantly worked on improving my graphic and web design skills. In this exploration process, I focused not only on design, but also on SEO and digital marketing, in order to gain a comprehensive perspective.

When we’ll be working together, you'll benefit from a holistic approach. We won’t just simply design a website or ordinary visuals, but build effective communication tools that convey your brand’s message to the right audience in the most unique way.

Complete web and creative design services.

Website Design & No-code Development

A high-performing website is characterized by a clear message, attractive, simple and responsive design, it must be user friendly, functional, secure and built with your audience and best SEO practices in mind. In other words, the final result must be revealed to the user in two ways: experience (UX) and interface (UI).

In the development process, the design is transferred to the web. I make sure everything works perfectly using the most efficient tools and software.

Website Audit & Redesign

A website audit is an analysis of your current website to identify problems: performance, SEO, outdated design, unintuitive experience, unclear message and many others. This analysis reveals important details of the current situation and helps you to improve where needed.

If we identify critical issues regarding the interface or user experience, a redesign is the best approach. At this stage we analyze what elements we should keep or if we opt for a complete redesign.

On-site & Technical SEO

SEO optimization ensures that all useful information is submitted to the search engines for optimal visibility and indexing. For all the website I’m working on, I make sure that all the essential On-site and Technical SEO criteria are ticked in the development process.

Visual Identity Design

For small business and startups, the journey towards a visual identity can be overwhelming. You probably know you need a logo, but you're not familiar with other visual elements that tell your story. Depending on your needs and business profile, I can help you with logo design, typography, color palette, image sourcing, business cards, templates and other collaterals.

Social Media Design

Depending on your needs, I can help you with visual communication for social media by designing templates and/or graphic materials adapted to your goals.

Creative Marketing

My experience of over 8 years in the creative industry (escape room design & concept) formed my creative approach, understanding of the gamification concept and ingenious approach. If you are planning a concept event, want to integrate gamification in your marketing campaigns or you’re simply looking for the most creative ideas for your brand, let's talk.


WordPress & Divi, Woocommerce, Webflow, Figma, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, Procreate, Canva.

The steps I’m following when working together.

1. Discovery & Brief

It is essential to start our collaboration through a meeting during which we get to know each other and gain sufficient information and clarity for the future steps. We'll talk about the story of your business, concept or ideas, going through insightful questions to get to know your company's vision, the needs you have and the problems you’re facing.

2. Research & Strategy

At this stage I use everything I discovered in our initial meetings to do a relevant research. Who your competitors are, what is your target audience, what is your position in the market and what are the most important details to consider in conceptualization and design.

3. Concept & Design Proposal 

Having all the essential information, I will work on a concept proposal: inspiration, creative direction, layout and so on. We'll go through the proposal together to make sure we're aligned on the same vision, and then we'll move on to transforming the concept into the final design.

4. Sending files and access

After the last round of revisions, you will receive access to all the files. Whether we're talking about accessing the site's admin panel or receiving the digital files, I'll make sure you understand how to use them further. At the end of each project, I send my clients video tutorials that explain how to use the files: access the CMS, edit certain elements on the website, how to use the logo, how to use the templates etc.

You're probably thinking about it:

Do you work 1:1?

I work with few clients at the same time to obtain the best results. That way, you can be sure that my energy and time are invested in your project.

Are you doing only web design or web development too?

To make sure we're on the same page, the design refers to the visual and user experience aspects of the website. The development part means that I transfer that design on the web and implement all the necessary mechanisms for a safe and efficient navigation. 

Yes, I take care of both aspects, including the 'no-code development’ part. More clearly, I use special web design software to achieve the same results, offering you complete services and a simplified process. 

How long does it take to built a website from A to Z?

This depends on the complexity of the project, the clarity provided and the functionality of the website. It can take between 14 and 60 days.

How much does an efficient and design-oriented website cost?

The cost of a web design & development project is influenced by the same criteria as the execution time: complexity and clarity. Because the cost depends on the details of each project, let's talk about yours, and I'll get back to you with the best offer. My objective is to reach a price that meets the needs and expectations of all parties involved, without compromising the results in any way.

Do you do social media management?

No, but I do social media design. Respecting your business’ goals, the brand message and the most relevant information, I can help you with designing post templates, stories, banners and more, which your team can later use without the constant involvement of a designer.

What visual identity elements do I need for my business?

Depending on your business and goals, in addition to the logo, it’s necessary to have the following defined: color palette, typography, icons, visual style, illustrations, brand book or style guide. These elements ensure consistency across all communication channels, creating a visual message that resonates with your audience.

Let's talk about your project.

Let's talk about your project.