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Aether Lodge


Services: Brand Design, Creative Direction, Website Design & Development, On-site & Technical SEO, Social Media Designs

Live website → www.aetherlodge.com

Aether Lodge is a collection of 9990 NFTs, with the mission of building a digital space for people united by the same values: altruism, friendship and self-development. The Aether Lodge concept was developed around the idea of satire, wanting to build a community around an exciting and engaging story with many benefits for its members.

Brief & Concept

aether lodge identitate vizuala proiect nft

The Aether Lodge message is playful and intriguing: it turns myths and preconceptions into a modern satire. The message is conveyed visually through the color palette and typography, but also through the illustrations’ style.

When the team and I were working on the creative direction, we collaborated with an illustrator for the logo mark and illustrations, achieving a fresh, cartoonish result that combines the satire with the idea of a secret society.

After having the final logo mark, I focused on the color palette and typography.

Color Palette

I went for a contrast between two dark blue-toned colors and two shades of light gray, adding a vibrant accent color.


For the headings, I chose a bold and funky font, which has a cartoonish style. I combined it with a geometric sans-serif font, perfect for body.

Website Design

I designed the wireframe based on the goals we had, and then moved on to the final design.

The site consists of three pages. The call-to-action in the menu directs users to the Discord channel as we have decided to drive users there. I have added a contact form on the home page to enhance communication regarding the most significant topics of interest. 

Animations & Interactions

Scrolling the page reveals subtle but noticeable animations in the interaction.

Other Projects