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2021 (Initial Design) & 2022 (Updates)

Services: Website Redesign & No-code Development, On-site & Technical SEO

Live website → www.sometconstruct.ro

Somet is a company with over 31 years of tradition and experience on the Romanian market, specialized in large underground infrastructure works and civil constructions. The passion for performance, expertise and professionalism define the company's approach both in relation to customers and within the team.

Brief & Concept

As part of an extensive rebranding initiative, Andrei Stanciu (CEO Somet) wanted a new website that would faithfully represent the company, the many projects they worked on and the values by which they’re guiding their work.

After the discovery call, we decided how the website needs to reflect their message: modern, structured, geometric and clean design, which would highlight the complex projects successfully completed by the company. 

Color Palette

The color palette was an easy choice. A light color theme helps us highlight the projects, contributing to the modern look. I used the shade of deep red from the Somet logo and used it for accents throughout the website.


I also obtained geometry by choosing a condensed font, Barlow SemiCondensed, which I combined with another balanced sans-serif, Nunito.

Other Projects

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