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Trapped Escape Room


Services: Website Redesign & Development, On-site SEO

Live website → www.trapped.ro

Trapped is one of the first escape rooms in Bucharest, with over 8 years of experience in the industry, 11 escape room games created and the largest single-roof location in Bucharest. Trapped offers unique escape room experiences, each themed room immersing players into a different story with compelling decorations and challenging puzzles.

Brief & Concept

After talking to Cătălina, the co-founder of Trapped, we decided that a site redesign was needed to better reflect their story, especially after the changes they've gone through at that time: they moved to a bigger location, launched 4 escape room games and they are now focusing on private events.

The solution? A redesign that prioritises the idea of mystery and adventure, but uses strong images and visuals to highlight action and dynamism. As Trapped is already a well-known brand, we decided to keep the same creative direction, but create consistency by establishing a color palette, typography and image style to be used for both the online and offline presence.

Color Palette

To respect the brand message and create mystery, we chose a dark color theme.

I didn't want to create a very strong, exhausting contrast, so I opted for dark and light shades of gray. For the accent color, the best match was a bright, intense orange.


Animations and Interactions

The user experiences the Trapped escape room concept from visiting the website, where the mystery game idea is combined with the user’s action.

On the escape room games pages, I integrated images of the props used during the real life game, then I used interaction to obtain movement while scrolling. Hence, the user notices how every action leads to the discovery of a function, information or 'clue'. Just like in an escape room game.

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