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Sea it Clean


Services: Visual Identity Design, Website Design & Development, On-site & Technical SEO

Live website → www.seaitclean.com

Sea it Clean is a company based in Ocean City USA, that offers complete cleaning services for busy landlords. Sea it Clean is the friendly partner that guarantees fast and professional cleaning services. 

Brief & Concept

For a small business just starting out, it was important to be prepared with all the essential visual identity elements for an efficient visual communication.

Sea it Clean aims at being the best partner for landlords when it comes to cleaning services, especially during the busy summer season. Their approach is friendly but professional, wanting to convey a modern message compared to its competitors.

The solution for a relevant visual identity? A vibrant color palette reminding of the sea, using the wave shape to create flow and flexibility. A combination of modern, friendly and clean fonts, suitable for both printed and online materials.


Julian, the Sea it Clean owner, wanted me to integrate the idea of the ocean and the house element into the logo.

I designed a logo mark that includes the desired elements, but at the same time it’s simple. For the wordmark, I used a font with many curves, reminiscent of waves and the city in which the company operates.

Website Design

Considering the company's short-term goals, we decided that the best option is to have a one-page website.

The most important thing is for the user to discover essential details about the services, having the possibility to fill out a contact form to ask for a quote. The layout is simple, intuitive and serves the purpose.


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